• Very good Non-Polluted
  • Prevention permeate to the porous material and curb of the striped pollution formation
  • Modulus being able to support contraction and expansion of 60%
  • Extremely elasticity and tensile force
  • Powerful adhesive strength to the most structural material without primer
  • Convenience to use as One-Part
  • Excellent weatherproof
  • Outstanding heat-resisting, winterization (the modulus of elasticity of -55℃ ~ +150℃ on the temperature range)
  • Porous panel joint like Aluminum, enarmel, multi-layer panel, glass
  • Porous panel joint like stone
500ml / cfg
Division PLUS 960
The form of hardening Medial hardened
Shape Paste
The time of surface hardening 20~30min
The time of full hardening 4~6days
Specific gravity 1.40
Division PLUS 960
Longitude(Shore A) 20 ~ 30
Maximum tensile strength(kgf/㎠) 25 ~ 30
Maximum elongation(%) 800 ~ 900
The permissible level of movement ±60