• Medial Hardened(Acetic-Free)
  • Wood, Plastic, Metal and Powerful adhesive strength
  • Heavy modulus being able to support constraction and expassion of 30%
  • Convenience to use as One-Part
  • Brilliant Weatherproof to the sunlight, raion, snow, ozone
  • Outstanding heat-resisting, winterization
    (the modulus of elasticity of -55℃ ~ +150℃ on the temperature range)
  • Each sash work by aluminium, PVC, wood, etc.
  • Caulking the glass windows and doors
  • Production of fish tank, Showcase
  • Joint sealing of Concrete, Stone, Marble
  • Suitability to the construction/building materials like Container
300ml / cfg
Division PLUS 964
The form of hardening Medial hardened
Shape Paste
The time of surface hardening 20~30min
The time of full hardening 4~6days
Specific gravity 1.38
Division PLUS 964
Longitude(Shore A) 25 ~ 35
Maximum tensile strength(kgf/㎠) 10 ~ 20
Maximum elongation(%) 400 ~ 500
The permissible level of movement ±30