• Best Fire Resistance Properies
  • Excellent adhesive property
  • Convenience to use as One-Part
  • Permanent elasticity, dynamic stability glass
  • Superior flame obturative
  • Joint sealing inside fire zone of Department store, hospital, Office, factory
  • The block of Fireproof, waterproof, damp proof, smoke prevention, dustproof, soundproof, radiation
  • Control the appropriate air flow of specific ventilation system
  • Inter-layer fireproof section
  • The area of pipe and any other penetration
300ml / cfg
Division PLUS 1191
The form of hardening One-Part non-flowing paste
Shape Paste
The time of surface hardening 10~30min
The time of full hardening 4~6days
Specific gravity 1.38
Division PLUS 1191
Longitude(Shore A) 25±5
Maximum tensile strength(kgf/㎠) 10 ~ 20
Maximum elongation(%) 600
The permissible level of movement ±30